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Sea Breeze Academy

Authored by Bryant A. Loney
Published by
Verona Booksellers

A group of boarding school teens in season five of a Cali-based sitcom begin to realize they are in a TV show.

Brooklyn, Matthew, and the gang are ready to rock their last few weeks of junior year at their elite boarding school on the California coast. But something is amiss. In the fifth and potentially last season of this award-winning television series, the struggle between truth and network censorship just might destroy their bond once and for all. Can they survive another season of love, mystery, and adolescent angst? Will life ever be normal again?

Experimental and subversive, Sea Breeze Academy is a smart love letter to the Nickelodeon and Disney Channel sitcoms you grew up with. Are you ready?

“Sea Breeze Kids” by Jenny Palmer.

“Sea Breeze Kids” by Jenny Palmer.

Sea Breeze Academy: The Concert Reading (Dir. Bryant A. Loney) premiered February 26th, 2019 at the University of Tulsa in partnership with the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities. The original cast starred EMILY PETERSON as Brooklyn “Rook” Rivers, MITCHELL SHOREY as Matthew Flynn, STASHA COLE as Virgo Torres, JOURDON WHITE as Chris Carmichael, HANNAH TRIPLETT as Liss Williams, NICHOLAS MUELLER as Rhys Underwood, and TYLER McCOY as Dean Charles Fischer, with narration by MARTIN van STIPDONK.